We provide Professional Indemnity Insurance for engineers which is both specialised and comprehensive.

Since we pioneered The Engineering Scheme back in 1994, we've provided over 3000 Chartered Engineers with liability protection. Fully supported by Engineering UK, the scheme offers flexible insurance solutions, risk management advice and claims handling to all classes of engineer registered with their relevant associations. We work with firms of all sizes from sole practitioners level upwards.

We recognise the rigour it takes to achieve professional registration in the UK. You've already done the hard work in proving yourself. That's why we offer significant benefits to the members of the Scheme: not just reducing your risk, but the cost of the premiums as well.

Get in touch with our experts using the details on the right, or download and complete the appropriate form below, so that we can help arrange the right cover for you and your business.                          

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The Engineeringing Brochure - provides individual engineers and small engineering firms with affordable and comprehensive professional indemnity insurance.

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