As a director or an officer of a company, your business responsibilities bring personal risks. Following changes to UK insolvency laws in the 1980s, directors of a limited liability firm can be held personally responsible for failures within that firm: which means that ultimately, your personal assets (including your home and savings) are at risk.

In many jurisdictions, directors are ‘joint and severally liable’, hence the actions of one are the legal responsibility of all.  With litigation rates rising dramatically, securing the right cover is more important than ever. That applies to organisations of all sizes, in all sectors.

Directors’ and Officers’ insurance (D&O) covers senior employees for the personal liability they may incur when allegations are made about their professional conduct.

D&O insurance can provide cover for a range of issues, including: non-compliance with E.U. directives and regulations, the Data Protection Act, the Disability Discrimination Act, legislation on health and safety, racial, sexual and age discrimination, consumer protection, merger and acquisitions and much more.

Also, because costs may be incurred even when no fault is found, D&O can cover investigation and legal expenses as well.

We specialise in placing D&O policies.

  • We use our hard-won expertise to develop custom-made policies that meet your specific needs. 
  • We are determined negotiators and our excellent relationships with all the major insurers result in  competitive premiums. 
  • Importantly, we maintain an experienced in-house claims team to ensure that we can support our clients when they most need it. 
  • Our clients include FTSE 100 and NASDAQ-quoted companies, established private companies and start-ups.

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