We understand that commercial crime can do more than just harm your balance sheet, so we provide policies that not only protect your cash flow but cover your reputation too.

Any direct pecuniary loss caused by the act of fraud or dishonesty committed by any salaried person employed by the insured during the course of the business provided: Such loss is committed by the employee with the primary intention to obtain personal financial gain and such loss is first discovered during the policy period.

It is not just company assets at stake.  Criminal activity, particularly when it involves key personnel, can have drastic implications for employee morale and productivity. 

Loss of money in transit to the specified destinations against robbery, theft or any other unfortunate event. Transit for the purpose of this Policy commences with the taking over of the money for the purpose of transit and ends as soon as the money reaches the place of delivery.

Loss of money kept in safe which have to be paid as salaries towards employees or petty cash kept in safe.

Talk to us about the traditional, extended and retroactive cover we can provide to protect your business and your customers from crime.