Prevention Services

Alongside the provision of Kidnap and Extortion Insurance, we are able to provide Crisis Prevention services to assist our clients in avoiding and managing the prevention of a Kidnap or Extortion Crisis, while living, working or travelling in high-risk environments.  Our extensive list of services covers prevention and preparation for the management of risk and crises.

Our in-house security experts work with clients, who hold Kidnap and Ransom policies, and provide a unique service to both families and corporations with the ability to prevent, endure and manage crisis situations at home, their place of work and during travel between these locations.

Our prevention team consists of personnel from military special forces backgrounds with many years of experience in crisis situations.  Their skills are varied and versatile and they have the ability to carry out theoretical and practical training.  Our training is offered in either English or Spanish, or we can arrange an interpreter to communicate in your preferred language.