From smaller mid-market deals to multi-billion dollar corporate acquisitions, the world of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) is a very different place than before the 2008 crash, with fundamental changes to business practices required to meet the challenges of the post-recession environment.

This new era, with reduced credit availability across the world, fewer potential buyers and increased regulatory scrutiny from government bodies has caused some businesses to shy away from the M&A market, instead deciding to consolidate or re-build.  Others, however, view this as a period of opportunity, in which bargains can be found and a ‘new order’ established.  For those seeking these opportunities, Transactional Liability insurance can be key.

Transactional Liability insurance has been developed to alleviate many of the pressures surrounding M&A transactions and to facilitate deals.  This is achieved by removing risks - both tangible and intangible - from the deal, and transferring them to the insurance market.  Both parties can subsequently concentrate upon what really matters – the target asset.

Our specialist team provide the full range of Transactional Liability products:

  • Warranty and Indemnity insurance
  • Contingent Liability insurance
  • Tax Indemnity insurance
  • Litigation Buyout insurance

As a specialist provider of insurance solutions to clients across the world, Howden has developed a thorough understanding of the insurance requirements in M&A.  Our Transactional Liability team has developed close relationships with key London insurers and legal firms allowing us to negotiate terms and provide efficient, innovative solutions for our clients, wherever they are located.

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