The Internet culture is growing at a staggering rate, not only as a communications and entertainment medium, but also as a new business outlet. More and more companies are maximizing the business opportunities offered by this exciting medium to sell and increase awareness of their products.

Recently we have seen colossal changes in the way that information technology affects our lives. Faster and cheaper computers have resulted in millions of new users every year with access to the internet now common place at home and at work.

It has never been easier to trade online and as consumer confidence in e-trade grows, online trading is only likely to increase. Email and electronic newsletter are now used in abundance as a means of communication with customers, suppliers and employees.

Cyber Liability risks are losses and liabilities that a company faces as a result of using the internet, computer systems and email. The risks come from within (employees and contractors) and from the outside; hackers, viruses, and increasingly sophisticated new forms of attack.

Cyber Liability addresses the first and third-party risks associated with e-business, the Internet, networks and information assets.

Our specialist approach gives your organisation full support. We help you to identify risks and provide support and advice on what coverage will most suit your specific needs.

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