Eddy Hon Poh Keong
Executive Director / Chief Executive Officer

+603 2619 1218
[email protected]

Eddy is an Associate of Risk Management, Institute of Insurance America and an Associate of the Australian and New Zealand Insurance Institutes. He commenced his career in insurance almost 30 years ago as an underwriter with two different insurers following which he joined a leading international loss adjusting practice attached to various branches throughout Malaysia and worked in Singapore where he was assisting the regional director and gaining international exposure.
He was the senior manager of one of Malaysia largest brokers where he also headed an international desk in respect of Malaysians investing overseas. Subsequently he was appointed as the chief executive officer of a Hong Kong-based company involved in risk and insurance management and thereafter worked as the Group General Manager of an American JV involved in the areas of risk management, retail and reinsurance brokerage, valuation, agency management, insurance management and third party administration. He was also a director within the group involved in the alternative distribution of life products at the worksite.
With his extensive experience in all areas of risk and insurance-related activities, he brings to both consumers and insurers alike a balanced perspective of insurance buying and business strategies as well as efficient and effective solutions in the management of risks whether operational or enterprise risks with the ultimate objective of a cost effective risk management program.

Jeffrey Chan
Director/Deputy CEO

+603 2619 1258
[email protected]

Jeffrey is the product specialist in engineering, marine and liability risks, with more than 15 years of exposure handling large and specialized risks spanning across various industries. He was also instrumental in the procurement of commercial underwriting of trade credit insurance in Malaysia and together with his team managing in excess of RM5billion portfolio of receivables yearly.
His role and responsibilities, apart from development and placement of risks; extends to include review of contractual requirements vis-à-vis legal, financial, engineering and procurement contracts.
Jeffrey holds Bachelor of Law (LL.B) degree from the United Kingdom, Intermediate Certificate of Broking from MII and Certificate in Takaful Broking.

Jimmi Lim

+603 2619 1220
[email protected]

Jimmi has accumulated over 30 years of industry experience. At CIMB he is responsible for the overall direction and business strategy of our Commercial Practice.
His passion for insurance has seen him develop skills as extensive as being a sub-editor for Berita Insuran, a publication of the Malaysian Institute of Insurance in the 1980s to his current involvement as a part time lecturer for the certificate course on Insurance Broking. He is qualified as a trainer through a “Train-the-Trainer” course organized by the MII and conducted by the Ministry of Education.
Jimmi is an Associate of the Australian Institute of insurance and has a Bachelor of Economics (Honours) degree from University Malaya.

Joanna Phang

+603 2619 1228
[email protected]

Joanna has more than 16 years in the Insurance Industry. She commenced her career with the Malaysian office of an international broker, and was involved in the administration of the Malaysian Bar Council professional indemnity Insurance scheme. Subsequently she worked in the insurance unit of a publically listed company managing the group of companies’ insurance programs.
Joanna was then working with the Malaysian office of an international broker managing programmes for international clients from diversified industries
Joanna holds Bachelor of Law (LL.B) degree from the United Kingdom, Certificate of Broking from MII and Certificate in Takaful Broking.

Yennie Kor

+603 2302 6480
[email protected]

Yennie is a Diploma member of The Malaysian Insurance Institute and has been in the insurance industry for 23 years, commencing her career in the Underwriting Department of a local insurance company before joining an international insurance broking company in 1991.
She has the experience and ability in handling various classes of insurance which includes arranging insurance programs to suite prospective client’s needs.
Yennie has also undergone various technical courses in insurance conducted by The Malaysian Insurance Institute, including familiarization of specific products by international underwriters.

Mohd Effendy
Associate Director

+603 2619 1260
[email protected]

Effendy has over 16 years of experience handling clients from various industries, such as power and utilities, heavy manufacturing, oil and gas, infrastructure; both for construction and operational insurance programmes. Among his recent major projects was the construction of one of the largest hydro-electric projects in the Asean region.
Throughout his career, Effendy has had considerable exposure to both broking and underwriting and is currently responsible for the overall management of the Specialty Practice's clients.
Effendy has a Diploma in Public Administration from MARA Institute of Technology and Intermediate Certificate in Insurance Broking from MII.

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