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Regardless of the nature of a law firm's practice, they are increasingly the target of client claims and lawsuits. This can be the result of unreasonable client expectations, frivolous claims or real errors.

Lawyers do have professional liability claims. The claims tend to be severe, but the mix varies by the type of operation and operating characteristics. If a client has unmet expectations, disputes can and do occur.

In addition to claims directly against the firm by clients, lawyers can also find themselves named as defendants in actions against their clients. For example, a law firm may be named as a defendant, in a shareholder lawsuit against the law firm's client, for work the law firm did for that client. One basis for these suits is a breach of duty.

Professional Liability Insurance for Lawyers is available from a wide range of specialty lines insurers, in Israel or abroad.  Coverage and pricing vary greatly depending upon the type of law firm and its operating characteristics.  

We offer a tailor-made personal service backed up by one of the most experienced claims teams in the market, and our policies can include wide and advanced extensions coverage updated on a regular basis.

Over 100 law offices have chosen Howden as their insurance brokers, year after year, including Israel's largest law firms.

Unique Professional Liability coverage is also available for attorneys who are not "practicing" in the traditional sense and are employed by corporations and other entities. This is called "professional indemnity insurance for legal counsels".