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Being trusted to handle private and/or institutional investors’ cash can leave partnerships open to a barrage of claims if investors do not feel that management is acting responsibly with their capital.  There is also outside directorship exposure, which may leave directors exposed to areas including securities claims, third party and co-investor claims. Another large exposure for possible litigation is when a portfolio company wants to "Exit", i.e. going public, merging or being acquired.

An example of day-to-day exposure for the individuals managing funds is the managerial decisions they make and the professional services they provide in the ordinary course of business.

Combining Directors and Officers Liability Insurance with Professional Indemnity Insurance, will help cover all aspects of a partnership, allowing all entities and individuals of the fund to be covered, including the general partner(s), the management team, outside director(s) of portfolio companies and the advisory board/committee - protecting them from claims made by investors, portfolio companies, auditors, staff and third parties.

As specialists in this sector, we understand the complexities facing the venture capital and private equity organization, and our top professionals are able to provide you with the knowledge and support to find an insurance solution for your firm in this complicated insurance field.