Construction and Engineering

Construction and Engineering projects are risky activities in which the proper arrangement of insurance is one of the key elements for the successful of the project. Howden Construction and Engineering Team can deliver the widest construction insurance and risk management services available within our global network, diverse expertise and extensive.

Whether you are a construction company or a company in any business sector considering construction or engineering related projects, our team of construction and engineering specialists, who has a wealth of experience, a deep and comprehensive understanding of the construction industry’ need, can provide support and clear effective risk evaluation to assist your business to reduce the potential for loss and in turn a proper insurance placement.

Howden Construction and Engineering team is totally committed to bring you the first class and cost effective services as your business risk managed partner from project tender stage, construction stage and even post project completion stage. More importantly, our claim expertise is able to provide excellent advice and work closely with you and your Insurers to ensure that each claim will be solved promptly and properly.

Howden Construction and Engineering team believes that our excellent reputation for quality and professional practice enables you to deal with us with absolute confidence.